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Hi, Jonathan here, I have created this blog I call Pimple Pop because even though I personally have not suffered much from Acne, still there are enough people in my life, friends and family that have suffered so much from Acne.

so distressed from Actne !

so distressed from Actne !
Acne can be so emotionally hard!

Indeed I felt compelled to do something to find a total Acne Cure. Something that will go to the root of the Acne, and cause a permanent long lasting cure.

I made a short video that kind of sums up the main goal of our blog here please watch it here



In this particular post I will be giving an uncensored review of what I really think about an Acne treatment product called Acne No More. .
 Note that this is a review though, if you’re looking for the actual product website then

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ugly Acne on a beautiful face

ugly Acne on a beautiful face

Pimple Pop is a no bluff, free advice blog with one goal in mind:  to provide any person suffering from Acne regardless of Age, gender, afflicted body part or Acne Type to find a total Acne Treatment that cures the source of the Pimples. We want to get rid of Acne once and for all. Pimple Pop also seeks the Best Acne cures and most relevant up to date knowledge about the causes of Acne and how to get rid of pimples. We also seek the most effective Acne treatment items on the market and provides some non biased reviews of these essential Remove Acne products. However I must warn you that we are not looking for just a superficial cure. Yes sometimes the Acne info we provide and the products we  review will clear Acne fast, but they are not superficial Acne Cover ups. At Pimple Pop we are looking for total Acne solutions to get rid of Acne at its very source and even prevent pimples from occurring leaving you Acne free. This takes a little bit of dedication but certainly worth the effort. If you are of this dedicated spirit to work a bit to get rid of zits then Pimple Pop is for you! If not you can go look and easily find some fast non lasting solution elsewhere.

Acne just begining young

Acne just beginning young
It can really affect at any age!

I researched a lot of products before I finally found Acne No more this product is a no hype easy to follow total Acne treatment guide. Its goal is to provide a clear and simple step by step instruction how to prevent pimples and get rid of Acne. It discusses the essential foods you must eat and not eat. It stresses good nutrition and is based totally on a holistic go to the source of the problem philosophy. This happens to be my personal attitude in general towards health and healing. In this sense it claims to be the only product on the market of its kind for Acne treatment. There was a metaphor they mentioned that kind of sums it all up. If there is a pond that is breading nasty mosquitoes it doesn’t help just to kill the mosquitoes one must dry up the source pond. So too Acne in all its form is not the problem it is a sign of to an inner body health imbalance and that is what must be corrected.

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There are however some downsides to the product so let me quickly list the cons and pros.

The Cons:

  • Like I mentioned this product takes a little bit of commitment to see your acne clear and become Acne free.
  • Admittedly there are products on the market that get rid of acne fast even much quicker than Acne No More but usually they are only dealing with the symptom and not the source of the problem. This product does take a bit longer than others to see the results. (you could probably combine this product with one that provides a quick temporary removal so that you get the best of both worlds this is my own logical assumption though. )
  • It is an info package so it takes a little bit of learning. But it is easy.

The pros

  • You are guaranteed to be acne free!
  • The Acne treatment is long lasting
  • This product called Acne No More is a treatment for Acne of any type you name it: Blackheads, Open or Closed Comedonal  Acne Whiteheads and Milia  Papules and Pustules, Nodules and cysts, Acne Vulgaris, Acne Rosacea, cystic Acne, Nodular Acne, Acne Inversa, Hormonal Acne, Adult acne , Back acne etc.



Here we highly encourage people not to be passive victims of their Acne Conditions and actively seek natural remedies for Acne. This product definitely puts one in a position to get rid of acne forever. It seems to be one of the best Acne solutions available anywhere.  So yes Pimple Pop does highly suggest this product. We encourage you to take action with this product because it quickly flips a person from being a passive victim of Acne into an active strong aggressor, a fighting soldier that wars to get rid of pimples totally and clear Acne completely, once and for all.  Our conclusion is that Acne No More is a best acne treatment for all types of acne but not how to get rid of acne fast. Our only regret and sincere apologies is not having posted this review earlier which perhaps would have saved many people from needless Acne suffering.

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I have discovered some proof about the effectiveness of this product

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Testimonials of Acne cure- Lucy’s secret

I have written reviews of good Acne products, but this is not enough we need evidence that they indeed work. Acne is one terrible problem. but waisting money on non effective cures is another. I thought that if a product is really good then people will most probably report a testimonial about its effectiveness to cure. Indeed I found just such a proof from a girl named Lucy. Check out here what she has to say

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Understanding the causes of acne

It is very important to understand the underlying causes of acne. The reason why this is so important is that this helps know what are the effective steps we must take towards healing it and not waist our energies on those actions that will not aid in our war on acne. For example since the source of acne is caused by an excess creation of oil that plugs the skin excess washing will not help since lack of cleanliness was not the problem to begin with. I found an excellent video that educates us all the fundamentals of understanding root acne causes. It is also fun to watch


Simple Acne Home Remedies

Sometimes simple solutions are the best! Did you know lemon Juice can work wonders on acne. Also baking soda. It is simple but effective. If you don’t know you can do also sorts of other more difficult and damaging things that just don’t work or can even make the situation worse.

Here is a short video that explains



Acne cure strategies and tips!

At pimple pop we are dedicated to giving our site visitors the best tips and tricks available to cure their acne. this means that we do our own research but also look for share what we feel is the most accurate effective cures found on line. We are looking for the real deal so when I saw the following video I knew the tips it provides was a most for our site. Please watch

Does chocolate make or break Acne?

One very interesting question we must address is what effect does chocolate have on acne. Woman-ChocMany people say it is eating chocolate that makes their acne break out. To the other extreme there are health gurus that claim that chocolate can actually improve and even cure acne. So what is the truth? Well it seems that both are very true and it really depends on the type of chocolate and the other ingredients. sugar is a acne no no,. so most chocolate products we eat have lots of sugar. Also there are as well two type of chocolate there is processed chocolate and there is raw unprocessed mineral rich chocolate. Most of our chocolate is the processed stuff. This is most probably not good for  acne. However the raw chocolate is one of the most healthy foods on the planet if not the most! what could be better it is an antioxidant and has many beneficial minerals these seem to have a very beneficial effect on acne. Today it is easier to get hold of raw chocolate products. some use natural sweeteners instead of sugar. please watch the following video that claims that raw chocolate does indeed heal acne.


Pimples are a bit of a mystery!

Honestly with all the knowledge we have today and with all the science you would think that something like pimples would be easy to cure. Well I have been researching the subject and I find nothing so defining. The science about acne seems to behave like acne itself something difficult to make clear! anyway I came across an informative video from a series of very informative videos that I encourage you to watch. What I like most of these videos is they actually demonstrate how even the most authoritative sources don’t know everything about the subject nor claim to pleas watch


Popping Pimple Myths

There are many myths concerning the causes and treatments towards acne.

Popping the Many Myths about Pimples

Popping the Many Myths about Pimples

It is important to know the facts from the fiction. We will began a series of posts dedicated to clearifiying these matters let us begin with a small video that I found good, accurate and informative

Here is another good one.